Boolchand Group Seminar and Forum Discussion:

Improving Quality of Life through Technology


Keynote Speaker Vic Pinedo
really knows how to get
a point across!


In searching for a path to future prosperity the Boolchand Group organized a two day event consisting of a seminar and a forum discussion, where prominent experts, both local and international, explored the possibilities with participation of the audience.


The purpose of the seminar was to describe cutting edge trends and (technological) developments from different points of view (healthcare, education, entertainment, telecommunications and social interaction) and explain how they can be used to improve future outcomes (quality of life).

The speakers presented relevant issues in broad brush strokes. Those present in the audience felt that the objective of the seminar, to describe where technology has the means to take us, was more than met.

Keynote speaker Vic Pinedo was the absolute highlight of the event. In his very unique way he explained how people, organizations and communities need to move forward and become strategic beings.

The speakers at the seminar are listed below. Click on the title of their individual speech to download their presentations in PDF format (where available).



Alex Mollen (photo)
Managing Partner, Deloitte & Touche, Netherlands Antilles & Aruba

Technology: where we have been and where we can go

Paul de Geus (photo)
Managing Director, UTS

Enhancing Life through Communication

Richard Fairest (photo)
President, Sony Puerto Rico, Inc.

Entertaining the Future

Russel Bernadina (photo)
Telecommunications Specialist

Dealing with the Digital Divide (article)

Ted Serrano (photo)
Hewlett Packard Executive, USA

Healthcare and Technology

Miguel Goede (photo)
University of the Netherlands Antilles

Imagineering the future: The school of the future

Victor Pinedo (photo)
Managing Director, Corporate Transitions International, Florida

Quality Living in the 21st Century