Art has a purpose


Doulatram Boolchand, Honorary Chairman of the Boolchand Group, presents a donation to Landhuis Bloemhof to support their contributions to the fine arts.

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One could conceivably live a life without art. It would be a dreary existence, without paintings and sculptures, without film and theater, without fiction and poetry, without music and dance. It would be isolating. Participation in the cultural scene, whether as a spectator, provider or agent, will undoubtedly enrich our daily living.

At Landhuis Bloemhof we strive to give meaning to the notion that art can improve our quality of life by offering our visitors a diverse scope of expressions, be it art exhibitions, studio classes, workshops, lectures, demonstrations, research facilities, recitals and other cultural presentations. We work with partners – artists, friends, sponsors, other foundations – who share our belief that art enhances our well-being. One such partner is the Boolchand’s Group of Companies, for which we organized, as part of their 75th anniversary celebrations, “A Journey to India”, an exhibition featuring Indian art.

Almost every month we present contemporary art by local and international artists, interchanging between art for sale and themed shows featuring work from private collections. In the first instance it may seem that we host exhibits primarily to sell art so that we can operate as an institution and so that the artist can enjoy an income with which to improve their own quality of life and to buy new materials for their continuing expressive journey. In reality, however, only a minority of those who visit our exhibits actually buy a piece of art.

The vast majority visit because it pleases them – they enjoy seeing the world through artists’ eyes. Visitors may not always like what they see, but even so, visiting an exhibition enriches one’s outlook, shapes our own likes and dislikes and as such helps us better define who we are. We are especially happy that various high schools have been regularly sending their students to view exhibits with directed questions and tasks. Undoubtedly these young people are being exposed to a cultural world that will teach them to appreciate the finer things in life.

We also offer art classes and workshops to the general public. We do so in the first place simply because we want people to use their creativity. But we are also convinced that the mere action of being creative will also relax the individual and provide a positive outlet for inner thoughts and feelings. In addition, we believe that giving in to artistic tendencies will allow the individual to approach challenges in life in a more creative manner.

So whether you are an artist, a student, an onlooker or a buyer, the fact is that there are many occasions – at Landhuis Bloemhof and at other esteemed establishments – to view, create, discuss and/or buy art on the island. By choosing to partake in the opportunities offered, you choose to hone your creativity, sharpen your views, expand your horizons, and in the process you will hopefully better yourself and the quality of the life you live. May those positive and creative impulses infuse your surroundings as well!

Michèle Russel-Capriles
Landhuis Bloemhof