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Improving Quality of Life through Technology


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Technology is usually seen as a source of opportunities that will help us improve our quality of life. However technology can also be the originator of developments that will threaten our quality of life if we do not change our ways in a timely fashion.

Before we can determine how technology will affect us, we must look forward and determine our desired quality of life 10 years down the road. Once we have determined that, we then have to focus on how we can implement technology to realize our vision.

The forum discussion took place on Saturday, October 28, at the World Trade Center Curaçao. This event provided a platform for those interested to exchange ideas on the desired future of Curaçao. The objectives of the Forum on Technology and the Quality of Life were to discuss:

  • desired future outcomes (quality of life) from different points of view (healthcare, education, entertainment, telecommunications and social interaction), and
  • what needs to be done to maximize the benefits for our community.

In the first part of the session, the forum participants provided short explanations of their topics, in order to stimulate discussions with the audience. Guided by Vic Pinedo as Forum Moderator, the discussion amongst the panel members and the audience proved to be fruitful indeed.

The panel members of the forum are listed below. Click on their individual topics to view their articles online or download their presentations (where available).


Victor Pinedo (photo)
Managing Director, Corporate Transitions International, Florida
(article, presentation)

Panel member


Alex Mollen (photo)
Managing Partner, Deloitte & Touche, Netherlands Antilles & Aruba

Technology (presentation)

Richard Fairest (photo)
President, Sony Puerto Rico, Inc.


Ashley Duits (photo)
Red Cross Blood Bank Foundation

Health care & Education (article)

Dito Abbad (photo)

Curaçao 5 Star Project (presentation, article)

Jacques Heide (photo)

Data- and Telecommunication

Lloyd Narain (photo)
Coordinator, Amigu di Tera

Environment (presentation, article)