The Curaçao 5 Star Movement


Dito Abbad


We believe in:

  • a potentially mature Curaçao
  • working through existing associations
  • turning ideas into actions




To achieve a mature island community in our lifetime, by becoming mature persons, and engaging our fellow citizens in the drive to maturity. That is the essence of the Curaçao Five Star movement.

CURAÇAO FIVE STAR starts as a MOVEMENT … We envisage a movement through which

  • Close co-operation is obtained with all foundations and organizations in their drive towards maturity, and they are supported in the implementation of their respective visions, through which process we aim to transform Curaçao into a Five Star Island.
  • Assistance Services are organized, deploying experts to diagnose organizations and offer training.
  • Expertise is provided to train and assist organizations in achieving their goals and strategic objectives.

The media are fed with maturity information to be conveyed to all groups in our community. Basic Information and Documentation Services, statistical and otherwise, are developed, which are crucial in creating excellent projects.

A technologically advanced Center is built where

  1. new and creative projects are conceived and people receive the tools, abilities and knowledge necessary to transform them into real results;
  2. a maturity model is developed in a positive and innovative working environment;
  3. ‘integrators’ and large numbers of people study the development of Five Star communities and effectively manage projects aimed at achieving such a Five Star community in Curaçao.

The movement is a not-for-profit organization, employing its revenues to create a Development Fund for projects. … and lives on as a STATE OF- MIND.

Five Star ties onto projects, existing or new, that improve your Organization or Interest Group, and hence our Community, taking us one step further forward to Maturity. A project that adopts Five Star has four goals:

  • Successful Project completion;
  • Turning the Project into a Learning Experience;
  • Team building within and between Projects;
  • Assuming Maturity along the way.


Project workers out in the field and project planners alike need easier ways to communicate within and between Projects, between People and between Organizations. The answer, of course, is the Internet.

Equally, there is a need for courses and coaching relating to vision and mission definition, strategy building, project development and management. Again, the Internet may be the gateway to these facilities.

What most social organizations, interest groups and NGOs need is a permanent storage facility, easy data and document input, and quick retrieval and sharing, with sensible indexing systems. Most cannot afford a centrally located and accessible physical facility for record-keeping. This results in poor document storage and management, the loss of project Experience, a failure to accumulate Knowledge, and hence, no Organization building.

What Curaçao Five Star wants to add to a communication network on the Internet is a Virtual Document Depository for Organizations and Projects, with Virtual Record Rooms, and with a Data Plaza where organizations freely exchange data and share experiences and histories of projects.

As the Depository grows, we will go from Project Development Memory to Organization Development Memory to National Development Memory.

Currently, such a 5 Star website is under construction, offering open communication between organizations, the accumulation and circulation of knowledge, the exchange of experience, the twinning of projects, organization and project management courses, and coaching.

To receive news on the 5 Star site and a notice when it becomes available, just send a note with your email address to