Boolchand 75 Plus: Photo and Essay Competitions

We have our winners!


Photo Competition Winners’ Octagon
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Photo Competition Winners

As part of the Boolchand 75 Plus activities the Boolchand Group organized a photo competition. The theme of the competition was:

Improving Quality of Life through Technology

The Photo Competition drew quite a few entries in each of the categories:

  • younger than 18 years
  • 18 years and older and
  • the invitation-only Pro competition.

The Boolchand Group awarded 7 entries with excellent SONY cameras, while the first prize winner got a Sony Vaio for her effort. The winners can be accessed by clicking on any of the eight parts of the Photo Competition Winners’ Octagon.

trophyEssay Competition Winners

An iPod Nano, an iPod (Video) and a Macbook laptop were at stake in the essay competition. The jury had a tough job picking winners out of the numerous entries submitted for the Boolchand 75plus Essay Competition. In the end they deemed the entries below as the best efforts of this competition.

Essay Competition First Prize winner
Neelam Melwani, Age, 15:

Once upon a time there was a world without computers.

Impossible, you say? Actually no! In fact, I dreamt it. I woke up and everything was different, my room, my clothes, everything! I pinched myself to make sure I was awake, and I was, because it hurt!

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Essay Competition
Second Prize winner
Johan van Eenennaam, age 67:


Essay Competition
Third Prize winner
Charles Cijntje, age 18:

Improving Quality of Life
through Technology

My father saw the first cars and trains, television, black and white photo-technology and movies (without sound!). Our generation saw the improvements in all of that, the start of conquering space, computers and more! And we saw also the amazing world of communication opening with the mobile telephone. Man can only wonder what's next?


Questioning Technology

Technology is moving so fast nowadays that it seems that nothing is impossible, our world’s getting so much smaller, as our networks are getting bigger, media at the tip of your fingers.

You can find a single spot on the planet with your GPS, you can listen to the radio via outer space. Your desk is in your lap and phone lines are invisible.

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