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Boolchand 75 Plus:
Celebrating 75 Years of
Active Community Membership


Ram Boolchand and Doulatram Boolchand are seen on each side of his Excellency Mr. Frits Goedgedrag, Governor of the Netherlands Antilles, who honored the Boolchand Group with his presence.


Active participants at the
Boolchand 75 Plus Forum discussion


The Folkloric Indian Dance Group awed the Curaçao audience.
Every aspect of their show showed great attention to detail.


“In the closing ceremony of our 75th year and in our continued endeavor to give back to our community something of value, we have sought to raise awareness about the quality of life and how it can be improved.

We had the privilege and honor of welcoming eminent local and international speakers to give us their views on the theme of ‘Improving quality of life through technology’ in a seminar and forum. In addition, photo and essay competitions provided platforms for participants to express their opinions on this theme with particular attention to the future of healthcare, education, entertainment, telecommunications and the environment. This website provides some insight into what has been said and learned.” Click here for Ram Boolchand's complete message

Commemorative Activities

To stimulate discussions and exchange of ideas on the topic the Boolchand Group organized a series of activities. Each of these activities focused on a central theme:

“Improving Quality of Life
through Technology”

The commemorative activities comprised

  • an afternoon seminar on the possibilities of technology,
  • a morning forum discussion on our views for our future,
  • An essay competition
  • a photo competition
  • donations to worthy causes
  • and an electrifying folkloric evening.

Seminar and Forum discussion

In searching for a path to future prosperity the Boolchand Group organized a two day event consisting of a seminar and a forum discussion. Prominent experts, both local and international, explored the possibilities offered by technology with active participation of the audience. Continued here...

Essay and Photo Competitions

In preparation for the next decades of their active participation in the Curaçao community, Boolchand’s organized two competitions. In order to participate, legal citizens of Curacao were invited to submit essays and photographs.

Both the essay and photo competitions organized to celebrate 75 years of community membership drew quite a few entries. The winning essays and photos can be found here.

Fundashon Pro Bista and Landhuis Bloemhof Receive Donations

The Boolchand Group showed their gratitude for 75 years as active members of the Curaçao community in a number of ways. In addition to the seminar and forum, the essay and photo competition, the group also made donations to worthy causes.

Fundashon Pro Bista, a foundation that provides assistance to the blind and visually challenged received a donation to improve upon the technological means currently available. More about Fundashon Pro Bista can be found here.

Landhuis Bloemhof, one of the island’s leading institutions organizing activities to support the local fine arts, were also at the receiving end of a Boolchand Group donation. Read Michelle Capriles' contribution to the Boolchand tabloid here.

Folkloric Indian Dance Group

The performance presented by the Folkloric Indian Dance Group was another highlight of the celebrations. Visiting Curaçao all the way from India this troupe awed the audience of Boolchand Group friends and family. Every detail of their show showed a high level of preparedness, from the colorful costumes, to the well-choreographed dances, to the energy displayed by the dancers themselves.


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